The Steampunk Coloring Book

RETURN TO THE STEAMPUNK day of yore in this color-it-yourself activity from our new inprint Ever Books. We have a limited edition of 50 copies available signed by the illustrator and that will include an original pencil study used in the book at the special price of $50. BUY NOW

Collected Stories of Carol Emshwiller, Vol. 2

… Carol Emshwiller is one of the greatest living writers of fantasy and science fiction.

– Michael Dirda, Washington Post

EMSHWILLER’S FICTION CUTS A STRAIGHT PATH through the landscape of American literary genres: mystery, speculative fiction, magic realism, western, slipstream, fantasy and, of course, science fiction. Arranged chronologically the dazzling stories in these landmark volumes allow the reader to see Emshwiller’s development as a writer and recognize her as a major voice in the literary landscape.

Available in trade paper and hardcover, 634pp. (See our special price on both volumes.) There is also a hardcover limited edition signed by Carol Emshwiller.

Jacket Art By Ed Emshwiller

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Nonstop Science Fiction Magazine

MANY YEARS AGO, in another century and another state of mind, we published a magazine titled Nonstop Science Fiction. All issues shared a breezy amalgam of science fiction jive and cyberpunk smart-alecky wrapped in a hard shell. Issues of Nonstop Science Fiction included fiction by Barry N. Malzberg, Steve Rasnic Tem, B.J. Thrower, Steve Carper, Paul Di Filippo, Robert Silverberg and Don Webb; and non-fiction by Paul Di Filippo, Charles Platt, Luis Ortiz and L. Sprague De Camp; and interviews with Vernon Vinge, Jack Womack, K.W. Jeter, Paul Di Filippo, Nancy Kress and  Charles Platt. We are offering pdf files exclusively through our website of the first three issues and the unseen fourth issue, which was never fully completed or printed. We collected a bunch of stories and other pieces for the “All-Fiction” Nonstop Science Fiction #4 before we abandoned the magazine and this final issue is being offered in an “as is” condition when you buy the Nonstop Science Fiction #1,2,3 PDF set. A bargain at $9.99.

Some praise for NONSTOP SF Magazine:

Never in my long and voracious reading life have I been so favourably impressed by any periodical—in any field or genre—on the basis of a single issue, as I was by your magazine. By every criterion that is important to me—writing, artwork, typographics, layout, typesetting and proofreading (that last item being an unknown art within the editorial realms of many other SF publications)—NonStop is well and truly magnificent. My congratulations to all concerned.
F. Gwynplaine Maclntyre, SF author

…[the] stories, essays, interviews, and features [in Nonstop Magazine are] genuinely interesting. Michael Bishop, SF author

I was very much impressed with your new issue, and the editorial philosophy behind it….a very enjoyable reading experience. Jeff VanderMeer, Editor/Publisher

…a bold, sometimes snotty and different sort of mag. Give it a look. Jim Lee SCAVENGER’S Newsletter

[Your first issue was] an outstanding first effort. My own first issue was pretty crude by comparison. Any magazine brave enough to utilize edgy graphics, sub-title itself “alternative science fiction,” and adopt a forward-into-the-90s stance and yet spend the largest amount of space on an excerpt from De Camp’s autobio impresses me with its fearless avoidance of pigeon-holing. Steve Brown, Publisher & Editor, SCIENCE FICTION EYE

“It hefts nice and does dazzle.”Paul Di Filippo, SF author

The Monkey’s Other Paw

THE MONKEY’S OTHER PAW is an anthology of ALL NEW stories subtitled “Revived Classic Stories of Dread and the Dead”. The book presents sequels,  prequels, retellings, homages, and alternate POV takes on classic terror tales re-imagined by some of the best writers of fantastika (horror, fantasy, & sci-fi) working today. Steve Rasnic Tem updates  Jekyll/Hyde; Don Webb presents an alternate POV story based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos; Paul Di Filippo riffs on Dylan Thomas’s ghost story “The Followers;” Ivan Fante gives us the aftermath of the classic horror tale  ”The Monkey’s Other Paw”; Barry Malzbergsupplies two pastiches inspired by J.G. Ballard’s “Terminal Beach;” Damien Broderick introduces Freud into E.T.A. Hoffmann’s “The Sandman;” Alegrîa Luna Luz takes Poe’s unfinished “The Lighthouse” and finishes it in a suitably gruesome manner that the master would appreciate.  Artist Martos shows, in his graphic story, what becomes of the Dorian Grey painting after the death of its subject.

Illustration by Luis Ortiz for Poe’s “The Lighthouse” – an unfinished story by Poe finished by Alegrîa Luna Luz for The Monkey’s Other Paw

The Very Best of Barry N. Malzberg

… there’s no question that this collection rattles the bones.” – LA Review of Books


Lord Of Darkness

NONSTOP PRESS is bringing out the first new edition in thirty years of Robert Silverberg’s LORD OF DARKNESS, a book called “gripping and compulsively readable” by George R.R. Martin. The novel is one of Silverberg’s rare ventures into historical fiction.

SET in the 17th century and based on a true-life historical figure, this novel is a swashbuckling tale of exotic lands, romance, and hair-raising adventures. Andrew Battell is a buccaneer on a British ship when he is taken prisoner by Portuguese pirates. Injured and ailing, Andrew is brought to the west coast of Africa where his only solace is Dona Teresa, a young woman who nurses him back to health. Andrew’s sole hope to return home is to first serve his Portuguese masters, but it is a hope that dwindles as he is pulled further and further into the interior of the continent, into the land of the Jaqqa—the region’s most fierce and feared cannibal tribe—overseen by the powerful Lord of Darkness. This story demonstrates the timelessness of any great adventure and the determination to persevere at any cost.

NONSTOP PRESS senior editor Luis Ortiz said, “This is a unique novel that was overlooked when it first came out, booksellers did not know where to shelve it, but it is an exciting adventure story very much in the spirit of George R.R. Martin’s recent work. I think the book was ahead of its time.”

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Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels 1985-2010

If you want to know the essential science-fiction books to read that were published in the last 25 years, this is your go-to guide.”


INSPIRED by David Pringle’s landmark 1985 work Science Fiction: 100 Best Novels, this volume supplements the earlier selection with the present authors’ choices for the best English-language science fiction novels during the past quarter century. Employing a critical slant, the book provides a discussion of the novels and the writers in the context of popular literature. Moreover, each entry features a cover image of the novel, a plot synopsis, and a mini review, making it an ideal go-to guide for anyone wanting to become reacquainted with an old favorite or to discover a previously unknown treasure. With a foreword by David Pringle, this invaluable reference is sure to provoke conversation and debates among science fiction fans and devotees. Click here to order your copy (paper or ebook).

OUR selections in this volume, if we have done our job well, will illustrate not only the immense changes of the past two-and-a-half decades, but also science fiction’s vast reach and power, which of course we will need even more in the wild quarter century ahead!”

From the introduction

Trade paper edition now shipping.


DAMIEN BRODERICK is a writer whose works include the novel The Judas Mandala and critical studies Ferocious Minds and X, Y, Z, T: Dimensions of Science Fiction. He is a five-time recipient of the Australian SF Ditmar Award and a runner-up for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel. He lives in San Antonio, Texas.

PAUL DI FILIPPO is a two-time Nebula Award finalist and a Philip K. Dick finalist. He is the author of The Steampunk Trilogy, and Top Ten: Beyond the Farthest Precinct,Creature from the Black Lagoon, Ribofunk and the editor of the forthcoming Freaks in a Box: The Myths of Media. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

DAVID PRINGLE is a writer and editor. He is the author of several guides, including Modern Fantasy: The Hundred Best Novels, Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels, and The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction. He served as the editor of Foundation, and founded the English science fiction magazine Interzone.

Complete Table of Contents

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The Nonstop Book Of Fantastika Tattoo Designs

IN A TIME of frenzied cultural change the art of body graffiti has boomed. So has the appeal for the fantastic. Ideal for tattoo artists and patrons looking for original designs, this compendium of line art showcases the work of some of the greatest horror, fantasy, and science fiction artists and illustrators of the last century. As body art becomes more mainstream, and the presence of science fiction and related genres in popular culture is increasingly ubiquitous; this art collection brings the pulp tradition of weird and unusual to the eyes of tattoo enthusiasts and skin art into the realm of science fiction and fantasy buffs. These eye-catching designs will serve as inspiration to all tatt artists and fans, and each image is attributed to its horror, science fiction, or fantasy artist so that fans may be newly inspired to develop their own body art style based on the designers they admire. The paper book includes a flipbook tatt animation created exclusively for this edition by artist Luis Ortiz. To order.

The Nonstop Book Of Fantastika Tattoo Designs, edited by K.J. Cypret, with over 180 fantastic tattoo flash design inspirations. Artists include: Hannes Bok, Ed Emshwiller, Lee Brown Coye, Virgil Finlay, Jack Gaughan, Harry Clarke and other esteemed artists of 20th century fantastika.

K.J. Cypret is an artist living in Hoboken, NJ and writes about movies, art, music and miscellaneous pop culture phenomemnona for many online sites.

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Why New Yorkers Smoke

New Yorkers have many things to fear – Real and Imagined.

This collection of original stories answers the question What is there to fear in New York City?, with creative responses from Paul di Filippo, Scott Edelman, Carol Emshwiller, Lawrence Greenberg, Gay Partington Terry, Don Webb, and Barry Malzberg, among others. The contributors represent a combination of New Yorkers, ex-New Yorkers, and wannabe New Yorkers, and the tales of the fears, both real and imagined, all use the city as their ominous setting. Blending the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and horror, the stories in this anthology showcase work from up-and-coming writers as well as veterans of fantastical fiction. Edited by Luis Ortiz (ISBN: 9781933065243; Trade paperback) To order.

To read the introduction to Why New Yorkers Smoke click here.

The Collected Stories of Carol Emshwiller, volume 1

A MASSIVE NEW COLLECTION (ISBN: 9781933065229; Hardcover, 576 pages; $29.95; Spring 2011) Emshwiller’s fiction cuts a straight path through the landscape of American literary genres: mystery, speculative fiction, magic realism, western, slipstream, fantasy and of course science fiction. Arranged chronologically, this landmark collection, the first of two volumes, allows the reader to see Emshwiller’s development as a writer and easily recognize her as a major voice in the literary landscape. The book includes stories from the beginning of Emshwiller’s writing career that have not been reprinted since their original publication in long defunct mystery, science fiction, and literary magazines. We have a limited number of signed  copies of the first edition available. See our product page to order.

Table of Contents (showing first publication of individual stories):

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