MANY YEARS AGO, in another century and another state of mind, we published a magazine titled Nonstop Science Fiction. All issues shared a breezy amalgam of science fiction jive and cyberpunk smart-alecky wrapped in a hard shell. Issues of Nonstop Science Fiction included fiction by Barry N. Malzberg, Steve Rasnic Tem, B.J. Thrower, Steve Carper, Paul Di Filippo, Robert Silverberg and Don Webb; and non-fiction by Paul Di Filippo, Charles Platt, Luis Ortiz and L. Sprague De Camp; and interviews with Vernon Vinge, Jack Womack, K.W. Jeter, Paul Di Filippo, Nancy Kress and  Charles Platt. We are offering pdf files exclusively through our website of the first three issues and the unseen fourth issue, which was never fully completed or printed. We collected a bunch of stories and other pieces for the “All-Fiction” Nonstop Science Fiction #4 before we abandoned the magazine and this final issue is being offered in an “as is” condition when you buy the Nonstop Science Fiction #1,2,3 PDF set. A bargain at $9.99.

Some praise for NONSTOP SF Magazine:

Never in my long and voracious reading life have I been so favourably impressed by any periodical—in any field or genre—on the basis of a single issue, as I was by your magazine. By every criterion that is important to me—writing, artwork, typographics, layout, typesetting and proofreading (that last item being an unknown art within the editorial realms of many other SF publications)—NonStop is well and truly magnificent. My congratulations to all concerned.
F. Gwynplaine Maclntyre, SF author

…[the] stories, essays, interviews, and features [in Nonstop Magazine are] genuinely interesting. Michael Bishop, SF author

I was very much impressed with your new issue, and the editorial philosophy behind it….a very enjoyable reading experience. Jeff VanderMeer, Editor/Publisher

…a bold, sometimes snotty and different sort of mag. Give it a look. Jim Lee SCAVENGER’S Newsletter

[Your first issue was] an outstanding first effort. My own first issue was pretty crude by comparison. Any magazine brave enough to utilize edgy graphics, sub-title itself “alternative science fiction,” and adopt a forward-into-the-90s stance and yet spend the largest amount of space on an excerpt from De Camp’s autobio impresses me with its fearless avoidance of pigeon-holing. Steve Brown, Publisher & Editor, SCIENCE FICTION EYE

“It hefts nice and does dazzle.”Paul Di Filippo, SF author