It’s a privilege to read her…” – China Miéville.

Arthur C. Clarke Award, Hugo Award, & World Fantasy winning author

Hardcover, trade paper and limited signed edition available. For more details or to see a complete table of contents click here.

CAROL EMSHWILLER was born in 1921 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She Graduated from the University of Michigan in 1949, after serving in the Red Cross during World War II. She met Ed Emshwiller in a life drawing class at the University. After their marriage she spent a year studying fine art at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in France under a Fulbright scholarship. In 1950 the pair toured postwar Europe on a motorcycle before moving to Levittown, a newly created, planned suburb to New York City. She sold her first story in 1954. In 2002 she won the Nebula Award and Philip K. Dick Award. Carol received a second Nebula and the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement in 2005.

The dust jacket portrait is a painting done by Ed Emshwiller in the late 1960s. Carol was the primary female model for his illustrations  for books and magazines.


THE POPULAR SUB-GENRE that is steampunk is now visualized in a coloring book format for all ages under our new imprint Ever BooksThe Steampunk Coloring Book showcases the illustration talent and imagination of artist/author Luis Ortiz, and presents a cornucopia of ingenious designs showing the wondrous everyday ephemera of a steampunk era utilizing mock period posters, topical advertising, inventions and inventors, imaginary magazine covers, and much more.  BUY NOW

Lee Brown Coye’s The Seventh Ogre

MORE BACK IN PRINT for the first time in over 80 years, this is is the first book illustrated by legendary Weird Tales and Arkham House artist Lee Brown Coye and is the rarest of all if his books.Privately published in 1932 it had an ill-fated history — 350 copies were originally printed, but only a handful ever reach the public, most of the print-run was lost or destroyed. This is the first reprint and is typeset from the original edition. Coye’s uniquely strange and vivid horror artwork has brought him many fans from within the genre including Guillermo del Toro and Mike Mignola. This Nonstop Press Facsimile, hardcover edition include a new afterword by Luis Ortiz, Coye’s biographer.    BUY NOW


Silverberg’s collection easily bears comparison to any of the late Isaac Asimov’s, and no one can say better of it than that.” —Booklist

CHRONICLING the events and key ideas from the second half of the 20th century in both the world of science fiction and the world at large, this revised and expanded edition of science fiction Grand Master Silverberg’s first non-fiction collection offers a unique perspective from the pov of a career spanning over a half century. The author takes stock of his contemporaries, providing an inside look at the lives of other greats such as Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Phillip K. Dick, Harlan Ellison, James Tiptree Jr., and Jack Vance. This edition includes an expanded section on writing science fiction, creating an invaluable resource for new writers venturing into the field in which Silverberg has made a significant impact. Also see Silverberg’s follow-up to Reflections & RefractionsMUSINGS and MEDITATIONS: Reflections On Science Fiction, Science, And Other Matters from Nonstop Press.



The Monkey’s Other Paw [...] offers stories in which 13 contemporary writers re-imagine or pay tribute to the work of various classic horror authors. Don Webb’s ‘The Doom That Came to Devil’s Reef’ opens quietly: ‘Among Lovecraft’s papers at Brown University was a large manila envelope containing . . .’ and then reveals what may be the true origins of ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth.’ Scott Edelman’s ‘A Most Extraordinary Man’ neatly imagines a sequel to Saki’s most famous and witty shocker, ‘The Open Window.’ Set against the loneliness of New York City, and in homage to Dylan Thomas’s ‘The Followers,’ Paul Di Filippo’s ‘Ghostless’ focuses on a spectral matchmaking service for ghosts and mortals.”

—Michael Dirda, The Washington Post

…a worthy celebration of fright fiction’s ancestry .…these grotesque tributes entertain while displaying the interconnectedness of literary themes and characters.

Publishers Weekly

THE IDEA behind The Monkey’s Other Paw has never been done before — Have some of the best modern authors of fantastika (including Don Webb, Barry N. Malzberg, Paul Di Filippo, Scott Edelman, Damien Broderick, and Steve Rasnic Tem) create new sequels, prequels, hommages and re-imaginings. of classic horror stories.  Edited by the Hugo and Locus Award nominated author Luis Ortiz. BUY NOW


… there’s no question that this collection rattles the bones.” – LA Review of Books

FOR NEARLY half a century, Barry N. Malzberg has been stretching the boundaries of the science fiction and fantasy genres to tell truly entertaining tales. In a collection of fiction that Malzberg himself considers his very best, this anthology showcases a literary career spanning almost 50 years, dozens of novels, hundreds of stories, and countless classic books. Each of the 37 stories in this compilation offers Malzberg’s trademark vision of a future that is equal parts cautionary tale and social commentary including fiction appearing for the first time in book form alongside rediscovered gems, these hand-picked selections exhibit his versatile imagination and the biting humor so characteristic of his work.  The Very Best of Barry N.Malzberg also includes an introduction by Joe Wrzos Buy Now

These stories showcase the dark humor and bitter incisiveness that have earned Malzberg fans for nearly five decades.” – Publishers Weekly



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Digital First Publishing

LORD OF DARKNESS, by Robert Silverberg, is the first book in our new e-first/print-second publishing program.

TRADITIONALLY, copies of a new book appearing before the actual print edition comes out are known as Advanced Review/Reading Copies (ARC) and these are only sent to people in the trade who need to have time to read and then review a book in traditional media outlets. Of course times have changed. We were thinking, now that we have digital files, why not let the general public in on this arrangement so that anyone who wants an early bird look at the novel can have access to the e-ARC or paper ARC a month or more before the book gets into general circulation. LORD OF DARKNESS is available exclusively for instant download in both Kindle or epub (Nook/iPad) format for $9.99, or as a pre-publication trade paper ARC for $25.

MOST of Silverberg’s notable body of work falls chiefly under science fiction. The novel is one of Silverberg’s rare ventures into historical fiction, but in describing the conception of the book in his introduction Silverberg said: “… I would be writing a kind of science fiction novel—for science fiction was the main pursuit of my life—in which I would be inventing not the future but the past, and bringing to life an alien civilization every bit as strange as those that had been imagined by the great science fiction writers.”

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Ebooks Bundled with Print Books

NONSTOP PRESS books sold thru our website will now include free download of the DRM-free mobi (Kindle),  epub (iPad, Nook) or PDF edition where available. Readers can also just buy the specially priced (usually around $4.99) ebook edition and order the paper edition for half price at any point afterwards as long as the paper edition remains in print. All orders must be placed through our website.



Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels

If you want to know the essential science-fiction books to read that were published in the last 25 years, this is your go-to guide.”


Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels–1985-2010 by Damien Broderick & Paul Di Filippo


THE NONSTOP BOOK OF FANTASTIKA TATTOO DESIGNS edited by K.J. Cypret, with over 180 fantastic sci-fi, horror and fantasy art tattoo flash design inspirations. Artists include: Hannes Bok, Ed Emshwiller, Lee Brown Coye, Virgil Finlay, Jack Gaughan, Harry Clarke and other esteemed artists of 20th century fantastika. [more]



New Yorkers have many things to fear – Real and Imagined.

NEW YORK CITY is a place where just about anything can happen at any moment, but it really takes a bit of imagination to present it as it is now and will be tomorrow. For example, one story is alternative history where Osama is still alive and well – living in NYC and getting heavily into speed-dating. In another tale New Yorkers hide from nebulous invaders in the 14th Street subway station; then there is the Latino taxi driver who becomes the Wandering Dutchman of Lower Manhattan after the towers fall. You will also meet a post-9/11 Golem, and see how a 100-year recession forces chilling changes to “social services’ at a ghetto church.

WHY NEW YORKERS SMOKE is edited by Luis Ortiz and features stories by Barry Malzberg, Carol Emshwiller, Paul di Filippo, Scott Edelman, Don Webb and others; and will be available in print, eBook, and Kindle editions. See our Product Page to order your copy.


Stories by Gay Partington Terry

Like Gaiman’s Fragile Things, I found myself quickly turning pages of short little snippets that came to feel like personal friends.” – Truth in the Book Vault

“… nonpareil fantastika that will stay with you for a long time.” – Asimov’s Science Fiction

A THIEF, languishing in prison for stealing moments, escapes and becomes a chronometric fugitive. Women wait in a long, endless line, night and day, without knowing what is at the beginning of the line. An otherworldly marble called the Ustek Cloudy passes through the hands of Ambrose Bierce, Amelia Earhart, and D. B. Cooper just before they each disappears off the face of the earth. Whether they are called fantasy, magical realism, science fiction, or brilliant parodies, the stories in this collection—the first from Gay Terry—blend the real and the fantastic in an imaginative and mischievous way. Written in the tradition of Ray Bradbury, Angela Carter, and Edgar Allan Poe, these contemporary fables present remarkable characters trapped in unusual situations. (ISBN 978-1933065-30-4; Trade paperback, $14.95. Also available in Kindle and Epub format.) See our Product Page to order your copy.

To read an excerpt follow this link. To read an interview with the author click here.

Gay Terry has published stories in the Fortean Bureau, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Twilight Zone Magazine, Full Spectrum, and other journals. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.




…  [Carol Emshwiller] has important things to tell us.” – James Sallis, Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

“… Carol Emshwiller, is one of the greatest living writers of fantasy and sf.” – Michael Dirda

“…Emshwiller is a writer of fierce intellectual honesty and clarity of vision, and when she combines this with the deep empathy and marvelous wit that she seems to have grown more comfortable with in recent years, no one can match her.” – Locus

Signed first edition hardcover at the regular price of $29.95

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See our special bundle deal of The Collected Stories of Carol Emshwiller together with Infinity x Two: The Art & Life of Ed & Carol Emshwiller.

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