… Carol Emshwiller is one of the greatest living writers of fantasy and science fiction.

– Michael Dirda, Washington Post

EMSHWILLER’S FICTION CUTS A STRAIGHT PATH through the landscape of American literary genres: mystery, speculative fiction, magic realism, western, slipstream, fantasy and, of course, science fiction. Arranged chronologically the dazzling stories in these landmark volumes allow the reader to see Emshwiller’s development as a writer and recognize her as a major voice in the literary landscape.

Available in trade paper and hardcover, 634pp. (See our special price on both volumes.) There is also a hardcover limited edition signed by Carol Emshwiller.

Jacket Art By Ed Emshwiller


Introduction: Carol Emshwiller: The Hunting Machine by Barry N. Malzberg

Adapted 9

Glory, Glory 15

A Is For Abel, B Is For Bird 24

Josephine 37

Overlooking 50

The Prince Of Mules 58

Water Master 65

The Paganini Of Jacob’s Gully 76

Desert Child 87

Report To The Men’s Club 98

Nose 103

It Comes From Deep Inside 108

Prejudice And Pride 119

After All 122

The Doctor 127

Boys 132

Coo People 143

Repository 154

The General 161

Gods And Three Wishes 174

Lightning 180

On Display Among The Lesser 188

Gliders Though They Be 197

My General 206

The Library 221

The Assassin Or Being The Loved One 235

All Of Us Can Almost…. 247

I Live with You 255

The Being Of It All 263

See No Evil, Feel No Joy 270

Bountiful City 283

World Of No Return 291

Quill 305

Killers 323

The Seducer 333

Such a Woman, Or, Sixties Rant 344

At Sixes And Sevens 348

God Clown 360

Master Of The Road To Nowhere 367

All Washed Up While Looking
For a Better World 390

Self Story 402

Wilmer Or Wesley 407

Whoever 414

The Perfect Infestation 421

The Bird Painter In Time Of War 428

The Meaning of the Fields 440

A Safe Place to Be 446

The Dignity He’s Due 457

Logicist 478

Wilds 485

Above It All 494

The Abominable Child 500

On Not Going Extinct 519

No Time Like The Present 525

The Lovely Ugly 535

Uncle E 545

A Hello to Arms 553

Mountain Song 560

The News That’s Fit 575

The Mismeasure Of Me
And How I Saved The World 585

Danilo 591

The New And Perfect Man 602

All I Know of Freedom 611

Riding Red Ted 623