Jack Gaughan Limited Print edition

EXCLUSIVE. Now available for the first time a limited  edition print (100 print-run) by Jack Gaughan. This piece of art was done for the novelette “Death and Birth of the Angakok” by Hayden Howard. The story appeared in the April 1965 issue of Galaxy Magazine. These prints are from a  linocut created in early 1965 by Gaughan and printed now for the first time by his wife, and artist in her own right, Phoebe Gaughan, in a very limited edition. This print is sold together with a signed first edition of OUTERMOST: THE ART + LIFE OF JACK GAUGHAN for $75, plus shipping. A great deal. Place your order now before these are sold out.

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Outermost: The Art + Life of Jack Gaughan

“… [Gaughan's] work articulated a postpulp sensibility that spoke to the realities as well as fantasies of the dawning space age. Ortiz does the same meticulous job he did in his previous books on artists Ed Emshwiller and Lee Brown Coye…” – www.publishersweekly.com

“Ortiz is a master at assembling rock-solid facts, elucidating informed critical appraisals, and welding the two streams of discourse into a very readable narrative with the allure of a novel.” – Asimov’s Science Fiction

It’s a beautiful job, a wonderful portrait of a career and life.” – Robert Silverberg

Out-of-this-world imagery, explosive color, and occasionally creepy creations merge together in this elaborate collection of the work of artist Jack Gaughan. Extremely prolific and popular, Gaughan ruled genre book and magazine cover art from the 1960s through the 1980s. This chronicle is the first to detail the art and life of this master of fantastic art. Overflowing with samples of work from the artist’s personal archives and exploring his working method, this definitive volume provides an inside look into this multi-award winning artist’s life and work. Over 400 images in full color and b&w.

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Library of American Artists Package

Volume 1,2, & 3 of the Library of American Artists is now available as a set for the special price of $79.95. This set includes new release Othermost: The Art + Life of Jack Gaughan, along with Infinity x Two: The Life & Art of Ed & Carol Emshwiller, and Arts Unknown: The Life & Art of Lee Brown Coye.

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Infinity x Two: The Art & Life of Ed & Carol Emshwiller

A Hugo and Locus Award nominee.

“Inspirational to aspiring artists and awesome for sf/fantasy fans.” – Booklist

“[Luis Ortiz] writes with the grace and skill that makes you want to go out and track down Emshwiller’s films and the art that isn’t reproduced in the book.”– Charles de Lint, Magazine of FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION

“…meticulously researched…hits the high points of his subject’s career, commenting knowledgeably on such topics as the influence of the surreal artists Dalî and Tanguy on Emsh’s work.” – Publishers Weekly

Ed “Emsh” Emshwiller, was one of the premiere artists working in the science fiction field (winning four Hugo awards). He used his unique multi-faceted vision of the future to also become an award winning avant-garde filmmaker and computer animation pioneer. Together Ed and his wife Carol formed a unique creative pair, inspiring each other on good days, and giving meaning to the adage “marriage and art don’t mix” on bad days.

EMSHWILLER: INFINITY X TWO is the first biography to tell their story. Luis Ortiz has done a remarkable, and authoritative, job in this full-length, heavily illustrated bio of the Emshwillers. The book includes never-before-published art by Ed and Carol, who was an accomplished artist before she turned to writing. Besides being a definitive biography of Ed & Carol, EMSHWILLER: INFINITY X TWO also presents a concise social history of science fiction’s subculture, and shows the nascent avant-garde film & video culture in New York City during the second half of the 20th Century. The book includes an introduction by Carol Emshwiller and a foreword by Alex Eisenstein. This is volume two of the Library of American Artists, from Nonstop Press.

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Arts Unknown: The Life & Art of Lee Brown Coye

“Coye has been an influence on Mike Mignola’s work for years…” —  Scott Allie, editor HELLBOY, B.P.R.D

“…a smashingly beautiful book….Reading this fine biography is like riding a train through the history of three-quarters of the twentieth century, and seeing Coye’s monsters through every window.” —  Paul di Filippo, “On Books,” ASIMOV’S Science Fiction

“…it turns out that the man himself was as interesting as his work.” —  Charles de Lint, “Books to Look For,” MAGAZINE OF FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION

“…a must for lovers of the weird and fantastic.” —  PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (issue also features interview with author)

“… [Coye's art] has a raw, primitive, and dark power…” — ILLUSTRATION Magazine

Throughout his life Lee Brown Coye created wildly imaginative and fantastic artwork for prized books by Ray Bradbury, Stephen Vincent Benet, H.P. Lovecraft and many other fantasy & horror authors. Find out why many modern day artists in fantasy movies (Guillermo del Toro, The Devil’s Backbone), horror authors (Stephen King), and graphic-novelists (Mike Mignola, Hellboy) are Coye fans. Arts Unknown brings together for the first time over 350 images of much-sought-after art in one place — including many pieces never published before. This is volume one of the Library of American Artists, from Nonstop Press.

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