NONSTOP PRESS is bringing out the first new edition in thirty years of Robert Silverberg’s LORD OF DARKNESS, a book called “gripping and compulsively readable” by George R.R. Martin. The novel is one of Silverberg’s rare ventures into historical fiction.

SET in the 17th century and based on a true-life historical figure, this novel is a swashbuckling tale of exotic lands, romance, and hair-raising adventures. Andrew Battell is a buccaneer on a British ship when he is taken prisoner by Portuguese pirates. Injured and ailing, Andrew is brought to the west coast of Africa where his only solace is Dona Teresa, a young woman who nurses him back to health. Andrew’s sole hope to return home is to first serve his Portuguese masters, but it is a hope that dwindles as he is pulled further and further into the interior of the continent, into the land of the Jaqqa—the region’s most fierce and feared cannibal tribe—overseen by the powerful Lord of Darkness. This story demonstrates the timelessness of any great adventure and the determination to persevere at any cost.

NONSTOP PRESS senior editor Luis Ortiz said, “This is a unique novel that was overlooked when it first came out, booksellers did not know where to shelve it, but it is an exciting adventure story very much in the spirit of George R.R. Martin’s recent work. I think the book was ahead of its time.”

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